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August 8, 2022

Hi all!

Back in March, I made a decision to skip all of the 2022 mystery conferences and events that are frequented by my small community of writers. This was sad, as it’s been several years since I was able to see any of the writers and readers I count as friends, but it was a good decision. I have people close to me who are at higher risk for Covid complications and my first thought should always be for their safety.

But it doesn’t mean that I’m not traveling.

I started the summer by visiting Los Angeles for my goddaughter’s high school graduation. It was a socially-distanced trip, with only limited visits to close family, but it was wonderful to be back in Southern California.

Soon, I’ll be repeating the journey when my goddaughter departs for college. Aside from the obvious thoughts about the passage of time and children growing into adulthood, this upcoming trip has me feeling sentimental for another reason. This time, I’ll be seeing friends!

I plan to be careful, keep to small groups, and wear a mask, when possible, but old college friends, grad school chums, and pals from the mystery community will be visited! It won’t be the same as going to The Edgars or Bouchercon, but I’m going to see people!!!

In January, I finished my four years on the national board of Mystery Writers of America. I hadn’t realized how much it had connected me to others during the isolation of the pandemic. There were always people to be emailed or spoken to, projects to be worked on, and other writers to bond with as we brought various MWA publications to fruition. I’ve missed it this year, which is part of why I’m so excited for this trip at the end of August.

Speaking of MWA publications, two that I worked on are nominated for Anthony Awards at this year’s Bouchercon. Please check them out. A lot of really talented writers contributed their time and talent. I’m very proud of the small contribution I was able to make to see them reach publication.