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What I’m watching: Pachinko, Atlanta (4), Barry (3), Undone (2)

What I just finished: The Kids in the Hall, Ghosts, Minx, Slow Horses, Made for Love (2)

What’s in the queue: Better Call Saul (6), Shining Girls, Hacks (2)

What I’m eyeing: Only Murders in the Building (2), Pistol, For All Mankind (3), The Old Man, What We Do in the Shadows (4)

What I’m probably skipping: Peaky Blinders (6), Dark Winds, Westworld (4)


What I’m reading: Breakout by Richard Stark

What I just finished: Old Lions by Mick Herron


May 28, 2022

Hi all!

It’s been very difficult to skip the conventions and gatherings that are a big part of the mystery community. I was especially gloomy during the last week of April when Malice Domestic and the Edgar Awards were going on. I’ve since felt better about my choices as several vaccinated and boosted friends got Covid at those gatherings. With that in mind, I canceled my Minneapolis Bouchercon registration. For anyone wondering about the odd name, Bouchercon is the world mystery convention and named after Anthony Boucher, the critic and writer. The 2023 convention is in San Diego and I’m not missing that. I don’t care if I have to wear a respirator with my pearls.

Speaking of which, I’m headed out to La-La Land for my goddaughter’s high school graduation. I plan to stay socially distanced and probably won’t see many friends, but it’s going to be wonderful to be back home, so to speak.

After a lot of delays this spring, I’m back to working on the novel-I-never-finish that’s now a mystery. I feel very upbeat and excited, which is significant given the state of politics, the economy, Covid, the war in Ukraine, and the AT&T/Discovery merger. There’s a lot to stress about. I’m deeply embarrassed that it’s taken me so long to write this book, but I’d rather get it right than put my name on things I know are flawed or just okay. And, hopefully, this process has made me a better writer.

And in other news, Otto Penzler auctioned his collection of first editions that inspired film noirs. He also offered several photoplay or movie tie-in editions, which is what I collect in my modest way. I picked up copies of Mildred Pierce and Spellbound. A beautiful The Postman Always Rings Twice slipped through my fingers, but that just means I’ll have something to search for in the future.

One of the surprising things I discovered when my books arrived was how similar the covers are. Both those movies were released in 1945 and I think the fine folks at The World Publishing Company weren’t trying very hard, what with WWII to worry about.



More next month!